Commercial Aluminium Windows and Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are available at commercial retail cost from The Aluminium Glazing Company. We provide installation, solution, and measurement guidance for commercial and residential premises.

We can assist you wherever you may be in the UK. London and beyond are both within our scope of service.

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Commercial aluminium window and door services

If you’re in the construction industry, whether as a developer, an architect, or a business owner, you must ensure your projects follow all applicable building regulation codes. We can help you comply with these rules and regulations by providing detailed guidance and solutions for aluminium glazing.

We’ll stick to your timeline and price range so you can count on receiving prompt, professional service every time. Regarding acquiring aluminium window frames and doors, we can act fast and with reduced lead times thanks to our contacts. Our lead times are typically within 4 to 8 weeks which beats most other providers.

Our commercial aluminium window and door services include:

  • Guidance with measurement
  • Help with selecting the best aluminium glazing solutions
  • Window installation
  • Maintenance
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Why use The Aluminium Glazing Company’s commercial aluminium glazing services?

Here at the Aluminium Glazing company, our company culture is about being right at the forefront of the latest products and health and safety regulations.

We’re also keen on providing innovative and cost-effectual solutions to our customers.

Working with you to ascertain your budget and timeline, we will work diligently to fit your requirements and provide you with what you need at the highest quality standard.

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We can go through the available choices as soon as we understand what you need. We realise that you want to know your options and their associated expenses, so we always start by offering guidance and then giving you a price estimate.

This is the primary process of how we work with you:

  • Identify what you need
  • Provide you with guidance on which options are available to you with an estimated cost
  • Glazing Installation Project Scheduling and Planning: Materials and Timeline
  • We can coordinate with the other contractors to ensure that our commercial aluminium glazing goes smoothly.
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Here at The Aluminium Glazing Company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. No matter what you want us to do, you can expect to receive respect, honesty, integrity and expertise from every one of our team members.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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