Cleverly designed to increase light and bring understated elegance

The Aluminium Glazing firm has over twenty years of experience in glazing and building, which means we have extensive industry expertise and a wide range of reliable vendor contacts.

The aesthetic appeal, energy savings, and thermal efficiency features of our aluminium windows will make your property more valuable.

Our aluminium bifold doors and windows are industry-leading examples of the quality we provide.

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Broad selection of residential aluminium glazing options

When it comes to windows, The Aluminium Glazing Company has you covered with a vast selection of options. For those who need to specify glazing solutions for a wide variety of window systems, we have everything architects, and designers need to suit the needs of any big residential or commercial aluminium project, including flexibility, beauty, and functionality. Our aluminium windows are built to last, save you money on utilities, and look great on any building.

Our range of products satisfies and often exceeds the performance standards set by current building regulations. Specifiers looking for a flexible aluminium window systems that can be tailored to the specific needs of a project often choose these windows because of their aesthetic appeal.

For each of our window systems, we provide a wide range of performance levels and frame profiles, as well as a selection of window styles, including casement, tilt-and-turn, point-of-view, fully reversible, and replacement windows. We can also work with the project’s specifiers to design unique windows and glazing options.

Aluminium’s lightweight and outstanding strength have made it a popular metal. Because of its increased strength, slimmer frames and wider apertures can be used, letting in more light and providing more panoramic vistas. The low-maintenance and high efficiency of all our aluminium windows stems from their thermally optimised design. Our residential windows with aluminium frames are long-lasting, more practical, and sturdy. The performance in safety, noise reduction, and waterproofing is likewise exceptional.

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Why install aluminium window frames?

This is why our residential aluminium window frames are so popular.

  • The strength of extruded aluminium is unrivalled by any other material.
  • Narrow, sleek frames maximise natural light and field of vision for unparalleled vistas.
  • Aluminium can tolerate harsh climates and is impervious to water and insects.
  • A homogeneous, long-lasting paint job may be achieved with careful preparation and application.
  • Since it can be recycled more efficiently than any other material, it’s also the most eco-friendly option.
  • It is easy to care for and maintain and looks fabulous for years.
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